1. A short course in geotechnical site investigation - N. E. Simons, Bruce Keith Menzies, M. C. Matthews 2002

    Book Recommended

  2. ICE manual of geotechnical engineering: Volume 1: Geotechnical engineering principles, problematic soils and site investigation - J. B. Burland, Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain), Knovel (Firm) 2012 (electronic resource)

    Book Recommended

  3. On-site investigation methodology for incident response in Windows environments - Keungi Lee, Changhoon Lee, Sangjin Lee 05/2013

    Article Suggested for student

  4. Site selection and investigation: a practical handbook - Dan Lampert, Douglas R. Woodley 1991

    Book Essential

  5. Site Investigation for the Effects of Vegetation on Ground Stability - John R. Greenwood, Joanne E. Norris, Jo Wint 06/2006

    Article Recommended

  6. Foundations of engineering geology - Tony Waltham 2009

    Book Alternative

  7. Field sampling for environmental science and management - R. Webster, R. M. Lark 2013

    Book Recommended

  8. Fundamentals of environmental sampling and analysis - Chunlong Zhang c2007

    Book Essential

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