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21/06/2018 04:05:59MMME3019 : Computer Modelling TechniquesList publishedNo items or sections added/removed
19/06/2018 02:15:28MMME3019 Computer Modelling TechniquesList publishedNo items or sections added/removed
31/05/2018 01:16:27N12624: Economics of Corporate StrategyList publishedNo items or sections added/removed
31/05/2018 01:16:27N12208: International FirmsList publishedNo items or sections added/removed
31/05/2018 01:16:26• Besanko, D., Dranove, D., Shanley, M. and Schaefer, S. (2017), Economics of Strategy, 7th edition. John Wiley & Sons. List publishedNo items or sections added/removed
31/05/2018 01:16:25XX3M03: Extended Inquiry List publishedNo items or sections added/removed
31/05/2018 01:16:25CHEE3026 Air pollutionList publishedNo items or sections added/removed
31/05/2018 01:16:24MM4GDM: Group Design and MakeList publishedNo items or sections added/removed
31/05/2018 01:16:23XX4EL3 Leading LearningList publishedNo items or sections added/removed
31/05/2018 01:16:22H82WMA: Waste ManagementList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:20BUSI4188(N14M76): Innovation ManagementList published13 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:19BUSI2087: Economics of Pricing and Decision MakingList published7 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:18BUSI3130 : CROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENTList published1 item added
31/05/2018 01:16:17ECON1048 : Quantitative EconomicsList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:14BUSFF011 The World EconomyList published10 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:13EDUC4226 :Issues in Educational Leadership (B) List published1 item added
31/05/2018 01:16:11BUSI2095 Branding and AdvertisingList published39 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:10MMME1034 : Materials and ManufacturingList published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:03BUSI3070: Marketing and SocietyList published53 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:02MMME1037 (MM1PLS): Programming, Professional and Laboratory SkillsList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:16:01BIOS1050 Food materials and ingredientsList published1 item added
31/05/2018 01:16:00ECON3036 : Advanced MicroeconomicsList published5 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:58MMME3021: Making Metals PerformList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:57LIFE1051: Fundamentals of NeuroscienceList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:55XX4306 PGCHE Developing Blended Learning Environments Module List published17 items added, 6 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:53PGCHE Individual Pathway Module Reading ListList published15 items added, 8 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:52PGCHE Course Core TextsList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:51XX4302 PGCHE Teaching Dialogue ModuleList published14 items added, 6 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:49XX4305 PGCHE Portfolio ModuleList published10 items added, 3 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:48XX4303 PGCHE Project ModuleList published5 items added, 2 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:47H84MIT: Microfluidic TechnologyList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:45ENGL4163: Approaches to Language and LinguisticsList published25 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:43ENGL1015: Introduction to Linguistics 1List published16 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:42CHEE2024: Environmental Field CourseList published6 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:41CHEE2025: Site InvestigationList published10 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:40H83TPH: Transport PhenomenaList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:39CHEE4058: Petroleum and Gas refining List published7 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:38CHEE4056: Research PlanningList published7 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:37Process Design and OptimisationList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:36H84BCE: Advanced Biochemical EngineeringList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:33MMME1009 Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics 1List published29 items added, 3 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:32MMME1009 Thermodynamics Fluid Mechanics 1List published5 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:31BUSI3133: International Business EnvironmentList published6 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:29N13604: FINANCIAL ECONOMICSList published8 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:28TEST060617List published7 items added, 1 section added
31/05/2018 01:15:27LIFE1044 Introduction to NeuroscienceList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:25BUSI4231 Contemporary Themes in Marketing List published13 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:24H61ICT: Introduction to CircuitsList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:23H61SCP: Introduction to Circuits and FieldsList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:22H62ELDList published1 item added
31/05/2018 01:15:21H64OCAList published1 item added
31/05/2018 01:15:20Advanced AC DrivesList published4 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:20Electrical MachinesList published5 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:18MM4FEA Finite Element Analysis List published9 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:17MMME2010List published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:15GEOG2057: Global Environmental Change Part 2List published12 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:14MM2MS3List published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:13MM2MS3List published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:12MM4AMG (MMME 4023 UNMC): Additive Manufacturing 3D-PrintingList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:11F203B6: Operations Management and Business FinanceList published1 item added
31/05/2018 01:15:09BUSI4234: Essentials of International MarketingList published17 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:08N14104 (BUSI4254) : Corporate GovernanceList published6 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:06BUSI1039 (N11127): Quantitative Methods 1BList published9 items added, 2 sections added
31/05/2018 01:15:04N14M19 (BUSI4248) : Business and Commercial LawList published9 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:03N13429 : Behavioural Economics and FinanceList published7 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:02MM2EMD - Electromechanical DevicesList published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:01MM4LMA : Lean ManufacturingList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:15:00Q31M09: Introduction to Linguistics 2List published1 item added
31/05/2018 01:14:59Q34M06: Research Methods in Applied LinguisticsList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:57N12107: Contemporary Economic Policy List published5 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:56MMME2009 Mechanics of Solids 2List published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:55MM4MMM : Material models and modes of failureList published5 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:54H81ICH: Introductory ChemistryList published5 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:53MM2MID: Materials in DesignList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:50MM1TF1: Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics IList published31 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:49MM3ENI Elements of Noise InvestigationList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:48MM2DM2 Design and Manufacture 2List published6 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:46XX2M03 Learning Difficulties: Supporting Children, Young People and Their FamiliesList published32 items added, 6 sections added
31/05/2018 01:14:45MM3CMT Computer Modelling TechniquesList published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:41BUSI4281 Marketing MBA (Singapore)List published43 items added, 2 sections added
31/05/2018 01:14:38AA1M01: Introduction to Cultural StudiesList published50 items added, 12 sections added
31/05/2018 01:14:37C83ICP: Introduction to Clinical PsychologyList published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:36Survey of English Literature and Drama IList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:35CS1M03 - FRENCH 1A Evening classList published19 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:34G53SQM Software Quality MetricsList published1 item added
31/05/2018 01:14:33G53SEC Computer SecurityList published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:32G51PGP Programming ParadigmsList published5 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:31BUSI2096 : Marketing ManagementList published1 item added, 1 section added
31/05/2018 01:14:30N11123 Financial Accounting List published3 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:28Foundations of Management List published10 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:27N12410 Strategic Management: Content and AnalysisList published9 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:23C83ABM: Autobiographical MemoryList published36 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:22Test2016List published22 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:21C82PIN: Personality and Individual DifferencesList published2 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:18XX1M06 Language as a Learning ToolList published22 items added, 5 sections added
31/05/2018 01:14:17XX3M14 - Supporting students with emotional and behavioural challengesList published6 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:15EDUC4146 Technology Enhanced Language LearningList published27 items added, 7 sections added
31/05/2018 01:14:13H84WTE Water Treatment EngineeringList published7 items added, 1 section added
31/05/2018 01:14:12F50C16: LEAP ForwardList published4 items added
31/05/2018 01:14:10CS1112 - FRENCH 1BList published28 items added